There has been some hate on the internet the last week or so for Robb Flynn because he made a joke regarding Children of Bodom in his General Journal blog/newsletter. The joke was in reference to them being called Hatecrew and Flynn said “can’t-get-a-date-crew” Here’s the actually statement and it’s in regards to facebook trolls talking shit about the Machine Head/Children of Bodom tour being rescheduled:

For a band, it’s broken down a bit different. There are of course the diehard supporters. They’re first and foremost. There also exists a large group of “I’m-not-really-sure-if-they-are-fans-or-not,” and last and certainly least, there’s the people whose sole purpose is to troll your page.  Like, I don’t know… let’s say the Children Of Bodom “Hate Crew” that has been out in full force in light of the US tour being re-scheduled.  It’s typical shit talking, albeit a ton of it to the actual Machine Head fans saying ‘how much better Bodom are than Machine Head’ and how ‘Bodom should’ve been headlining over Machine Head’, and “fuck Machine Head”.

However, most people usually need the motivation to act like fools and Alexi’s little bitch-ass response certainly got the “Hate Crew” fired up.

Hate Crew?… pffffft!… more like “Alexi-ain’t-that-Great-Crew!”, more like, “bought-a-ticket-too-Late-Crew!”, more like, “It’s-not-my-fault-you’re-a-virgin-and-can’t-get-a-Date-Crew”!!


Now of course people went off! The best being the picture above used as a point to prove that Machine Head suck. That picture is a screen shot taken from the “From This Day” video in 1998. So in Flynn’s next newsletter he said this about it.

It’s called being able to laugh at yourself. And believe me, when my old, creaky, overweight, hungover, un-showered-for-5-days, wrinkly ass wakes up everyone morning and creaks over to the bathroom, the first thing I do NOT think is “oh yeah, Rock God”.

And yes, I LAUGH every time that “From This Day” picture is put up too!! What the fuck was I thinking 15 years ago dressing up like a BOX OF ORANGE JUICE with liberty spikes!? And why the fuck did we let Roadrunner talk us into to hiring the Master P. video director again…!? 



So flame away trolls…

But remember… 

…MADE YA LOOK! *wink*

Machine Head’s latest album Bloodstones and Diamonds will be in stores on Nov. 10th



This is a Power 30 Interview 1993 with Whitfield Crane and Dave Fortman of Ugly Kid Joe. What makes this great is both Whit and Dave try their best to make the interviewer uncomfortable as they pretty much just hit on her the whole time.



The CMJ Music Marathon is a week long music business and entertainment conference in New York City. The metal community also has a huge presence at CMJ and this year is no different. As I write this we are on day 3 and last night Richie Cavalera’s band Incite played an amazing show at The Wick in Brooklyn. The week started with a 30th anniversary performance by Doro Pesch and some friends like Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth from Overkill and Jeff Waters from Annihilator at The Gramercy Theater. On Tuesday though there was a panel called Reinventing the Steele: Finding Metal’s Next Big Band. Featuring myself and some other amazing people in the industry. Here’s the re-cap from Metal Insider‘s Bram Teitelman.


Pretty much every discussion about metal among those in the industry comes down to “who’s the next X?” Not the ’80s punk band X, but whoever the next arena-filling marquee act will be, be it the next Metallica, Pantera, or even Mastodon. That was the topic for the metal panel at today’s CMJ Music Marathon convention, which kicked off a week of metal in New York. Titled Reinventing the Steel: Finding Metal’s Next Big Bandsthe panel was moderated by Kodi McKinney, manager of promotion and marketing at Metal Insider‘s parent company, The Syndicate. It was rounded out by a pair of label executives (Good Fight Entertainment founder Carl Severson and Spinefarm director of A&R Darren Dallessio), a syndicated metal show host and active rock radio music director (Hangar 19′s Andrew “Cutter” Puyleart) and Revolver magazine’s assistant editor Sammi Chichester.

The answer to the rhetorical question posed wasn’t specifically answered, nor did it need to be. Dallessio pointed to Bring me the Horizon, a band that started out making music that was anything but mass appeal, but have built up to the point where they’re headlining Warped Tour and making music that can, for the first time be played on commercial radio stations. Meanwhile, Avenged Sevenfold are well on their way to being able to play arenas. Severson shouted out Clutch, saying they’ve continually built up their audience, and while they’ll never have a gold album, they’re very successful at what they do.

Via their magazine and radio station, respectively, Chichester and Cutter serve as tastemakers, which was another topic of discussion. Chichester said that while Revolver is a mainstream metal magazine, their goal is to turn the Slipknot fan on to something new they might like. The magazine will let their personal taste make it into the magazine, but will try to present it in a way so that it’s alongside something else familiar. Cutter said that’s a little bit harder for an active rock and metal audience, who’s attitude is “we like what we like and fuck you if you don’t.” However, he aid the lines have blurred since the ’80s and ’90s, when hardcore and metal had no crossover. As far as who he considers tastemakers, Severson said the YouTube channels of Rise Records and Sumerian Records will see bands get millions of plays nearly overnight and are a good indicator of who the next popular band might be, at least on their respective labels.

When asked what kind of band they’re looking to sign, Good Fight’s Severson and Spinefarm’s Dallesio had different answers. Severson said he’d rather have a band that might be a little rough around the edges but was willing to put in a lot of work, take advice, and be shaped into a better band, as opposed to one that might have instant hype, but no work ethic. Dallessio said he was looking for bands that aren’t putting limitations on themselves, or identifying themselves with a particular scene, but are “trying different things and creating great music.”

With Slipknot’s .5, The Gray Chapter out earlier today, that album, and the expectations it had for the industry, was discussed. Why are they such a force? Well, intentional or not, they didn’t oversaturate the market. While bands like Five Finger Death Punch haven’t gotten off the road and have released four albums in between the time Slipknot released their last album, Slipknot are choosing their tours carefully, and haven’t released an album in six years.

As to where the panel looks for new music, McKinney, a Brooklyn native, stated that he enjoys going to a show where he might not know any of the bands. Cutter, who lives in Wisconsin, doesn’t have the ability to do that, so he pays attention to social media, the Spotify top 100 for metal, and listens to the people he has promoting records to him. Chichester listens to the labels as well. If a band or label is hiring a publicist, that helps show that there’s a concerted effort being made to break an artist. She also said that social media helps, so if you’re in a band looking to get Revolver coverage, you might want to get your socials up.



record-store-day-black-friday-306The following is a list of the metal(ish) vinyl releases for Black Friday Record Store Day on November 28th (the day after Thanksgiving, duh!) These will only be available at independent record stores and in most cases are limited to a certain number so call the closest record store to you and demand they have that metal record you want!




Bon Jovi
Format: 10″ Picture Disc
Dead Milkmen
Format: 12″ Colored Vinyl
Faith No More
Format: 7″ Vinyl
Format: Vinyl Box Set
Format: 12″ Colored Vinyl
Five Finger Death Punch
Format: 12″ Picture Disc
Husker Du
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Iron Butterfly
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
Format: Book
Judas Priest
Format: 10″ Colored Vinyl
Format: 2 x 12″ Vinyl
Format: 12″ Picture Disc
Format: 12″ Picture Disc
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Joey Ramone
Format: 10″ Vinyl
The Ramones
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Ronnie James Dio/Dio & Friends
Format: 12″ Picture Disc
Joe Satriani
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Ed Sheeran
Format: 7″ Vinyl
The Acacia Strain
Format: 12″ Colored Vinyl
Johnny Thunders
Format: 12″ Colored Vinyl
Various Artists
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Various Artists
Format: Cassette


On this weekend’s Hangar 19 we are focusing on all the amazing metal bands playing Knotfest in California next weekend including Slipknot, Anthrax, Black Label Society, HELLYEAH! Napalm Death, Fear Factory, Prong, and many more. One of those bands is Testament, here is their In the Vault segment taken from them in the studio working on the album Practice What You Preach.