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matthiasMatthias Jabs is part of the incredible guitar attack of the legendary German Metal/Hard Rock band The Scorpions. After joining the band in 1978 after the departure of Ulrich Roth he has been an incredible important member of this band. Be prepared for a long and in depth conversation about the new Scorpions MTV Unplugged in Athens acoustic album, plus touring, their 50th anniversary as a band next year and why after the band after saying their were done in 2012 are still going strong.


gusGGus G. had already become a huge star of the heavy metal guitar in Europe when Ozzy’s people found him and hired him to become Ozzy’s 4th guitarist. Gus is from Greece and had spent most of the 2000′s in a band called Firewind, a progressive European metal band. With Ozzy back with Black Sabbath and Firewind on hiatus it was time for Gus to put together a solo record, but he has enlisted some friends to help him out. Gus goes into great detail about his new album I am the Fire, playing with Ozzy, reflecting on Randy Rhoads and more on the latest Hangar 19 Podcast edition.



ZakkWyldeZakk Wylde and I get to talk on average once a year. He is one of my favorite people in heavy metal and hard rock which is amazing because he is also one of the most influential guitar players that exist. After spending almost 20 years playing guitar for Ozzy and then putting together the band Black Label Society in the late 90′s he never stops. BLS’s new album Catacombs of the Black Vatican comes out April 8th and it’s exactly what you would expect, killer riffs and amazing guitar solos, but the songwriting has seemingly been picked up a notch and Zakk’s vocals have never sounded better. It’s another conversation with Zakk Wylde on the Hangar 19 Podcast.


art1-small-squareArt didn’t step inside the Hangar to talk about his gigantic alternative rock band Everclear. He stepped foot inside the Hangar to man up and talk some old school metal, and does he. Bands discussed Judas Priest, Rush, Black Sabbath, Van Halen, UFO and there’s even mention of Lamb of God. Art knows his stuff plus he’s a great dude. Enjoy what ends up being a conversation between two old school metal heads on the Hangar 19 Podcast.


JasonBeilerJason is the guitarist of a heavy band that was never given the credit of being a heavy band. Saigon Kick had a gigantic hit with the ballad “Love is on the Way” from their 1992 album The Lizard. After that the success could never be duplicated and the band was no more by the end of the decade. He took his experience and along with his brother Aaron started the record label Bieler Bros. Records. A couple of years ago Saigon Kick reunited and have been playing gigs here and there ever since. Jason brings us on his life journey from Saigon Kick to record label mogul on the latest Hangar 19 Podcast edition.