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tichyHere’s a few people that drummer Brian Tichy has played with since his time at Berkley School of Music in the early 90′s. Slash, Zakk Wylde, Gilby Clarke, Sass Jordan, Derek Sharinian, Billy Idol, Whitesnake, Ace Frehley and now is in a band called the Dead Dasies with Dizzy Reed, Marco Mendoza, Richard Fortus and more. He’s got stories and great music under his belt as Brian Tichy gets in the Hangar this week.

(Picture of Brian Tichy from

Then we are going In The Vault with Anthrax, but not just any old Anthrax clip it’s the band in 1991/1992 on the Fox sitcom Married With Children.

Deliverance_(COC_album)With the news recently that Pepper Kennan is going to reunite with his Corrosion of Conformity band mates for a series of shows in Europe that would put the Deliverance era line-up of the band back together since that era, it’s time for a COC Power Set from their most successful album.

(Deliverance artwork from Sony Records)

AcceptBlindRageThis week’s Then & Now comes from the German metal attack that is Accept. A band that found success starting in the early 80′s when they had their biggest American hit “Balls to the Wall” Their third album with current singer Mark Tornillo Blind Rage is in stores now.

(Blind Rage artwork from Nuclear Blast Records)

Then our soundtrack recommendation this week comes from the modern video game Watch Dogs, which features a couple stellar metal tracks as part of it’s long list of music used in the game.

All this and another three hours of classic metal this weekend inside Hangar 19


We’ve had some great guests inside the Hangar recently and as much as we love hanging out with and talking to these legendary metal figures this week we are turning the spotlight back to where it belongs, the music. It’s 3 hours of old school metal featuring some of the best that metal has to offer.

We will also go In the Vault with Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails. Trent has had his moments over the years where he can get a little angry. Of course listening to his music is a pretty dead giveaway of that. Gigwise has put together a compilation video of Trent Reznor’s angriest moments.

Queensryche_-_Operation_Mindcrime_coverThis week’s Power Set will feature 4 songs from Queensryhe’s set of Operation Mindcrime albums. Since former singer Geoff Tate is now going by the band name Operation Mindcrime and he is the only one who can perform those two albums in the entirety live it’s time to take another lesson to one of the greatest concept records in history.

(Operation Mindcrime cover from EMI Records)

MadballHardcoreLivesNew York has been home over the years to some of the greatest metal in history and more specifically to the cross over genre Hard Core. Hard core is a mix between the heaviness of metal and the attitude of punk. No one can deny the significance of the band Agnostic Front but it was the spin off band Madball that took it to the mainstream. Madball has just put out a new record entitled Hard Core Lives and we will feature it during this week’s Then & Now.

(Hardcore Lives artwork from Nuclear Blast Records)

Finally this week’s Soundtrack recommendation is from the original Fast and The Furious, but not the first edition of the soundtrack which featured mostly rap music. It’s from the album titled More Fast and the Furious which featured some killer hard rock and heavy metal.


korn-cutterWhat happens when you get to go hang out at a four day music festival packed tight with metal bands? If you’re me you get to have some pretty amazing conversations in front of a live audience. This week in the Hangar we get some music of course and some quick talks with some metal legends, and some soon to be metal legends like Head and Fieldy from Korn, Phil Labonte from All That Remains, Tom Maxwell from HELLYEAH! and Ivan Moody from Five Finger Death Punch all from the Rock USA festival in Wisconsin.

We will then go In the Vault with Anders Fridén from In Flames from actually just a few years ago courtesy of Horns Up Rocks.

Rob-Halford-Metal-God-HoustonThis week’s Power Set will feature four songs that feature The Metal God himself Rob Halford. Rob has guested on some pretty big time records with some pretty big time bands including Krokus’ Headhunter, Ugly Kid Joe America’s Least Wanted, Five Finger Death Punch’s The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell, and even the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Soundtrack.

hellyeah-bloodOur Then & Now will have to feature the, no longer a supergroup but a real band, HELLYEAH! The band that features former Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul plus Mudvayne vocalist Chad Grey and of course our guest former Nothingface guitarist Tom Maxwell put out their 4th album Blood for Blood recently and is probably the best of their career.

(HELLYEAH cover from Eleven Seven Music)

Finally a Soundtrack recommendation that features all kinds of killer metal and hard rock from The World’s Strongest Man Competition. This soundtrack from 2008 is meant to be the music to accompany the competition and also features the theme song.

All of this plus 3 hours of classic metal inside Hangar 19



By live we mean live metal! We are playing metal from some of the greatest live albums ever released in the world of hard rock and heavy metal. Here are a few that’ll we be cranking metal from.

Metallica Live S***: Binge and Purge

Metallica’s 1993 box set featuring 3 videos and 3 CD’s plus tour booklet and stencil of the famous scary guy logo all inside of mock up of a Metallica road case featuring concerts from Seattle, San Diego and Mexico City was a fan’s dream come true.

Kiss Alive

We cannot call ourselves a classic metal radio show and not play something off the live album that popularized the live album during an all live metal version of Hangar 19.

Slayer Decade of Aggression: Live

This 1991 double LP or CD live album from Slayer pretty much cemented just how fast, technical and evil they were really were. It’s also the final release from the classic Slayer era and pretty much summed up the intensity of unholy trifecta of albums.

Judas Priest Unleashed in the East

Recorded in Japan while on tour for Hell Bent for Leather upon this live album’s release it was the best selling Judas Priest album to date. Of course that would change.

Anthrax Live: The Island Years

It’s as simple as what the title says it’s Anthrax live in the late 80′s when they were still on Island records releasing thrash metal classics.

Ozzy Osbourne Tribute

It’s a live tribute to the greatest guitarist to ever live…enough said

That’s just a taste of some the most legendary live metal records you’ll hear from this weekend inside Hangar 19.


Rob-Halford-Metal-God-HoustonWe are homered and humbled to once again have The Metal God Rob Halford of Judas Priest back inside Hangar 19. With the release of Judas Priest’s 17th studio album Redeemer of Souls there is a lot to catch up on. Plus Rob will go in detail on 3 new metal classics as we do a Judas Priest Then and Now each of our 3 hours of the heaviest music around.

Remembering that Judas Priest are one of two legendary metal band’s from Birmingham, England we are going In The Vault with the mighty Black Sabbath.


Speaking of Sabbath they just recently headlined the annual Hyde Park music festival in London and while rumors were abound it would be their last show it was Faith No More that came out and stunned the crowd by finishing their set with their first new music in 17 years. This week’s Power Set is taken from their 1991 live album Live at Brixton. 

Then our Heavy Metal soundtrack recommendation is from Hollywood’s re do of Bad News Bears featuring tunes from Alice Cooper and Senses Fail

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