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On this weekend’s Hangar 19 we are focusing on all the amazing metal bands playing Knotfest in California next weekend including Slipknot, Anthrax, Black Label Society, HELLYEAH! Napalm Death, Fear Factory, Prong, and many more. One of those bands is Testament, here is their In the Vault segment taken from them in the studio working on the album Practice What You Preach.


Judas-Priest-Redeemer-of-Souls-Tour-2014This weekend inside Hangar 19 we will preview and get you all fired up for the this week’s kick off of the current Judas Priest North American Tour with opening band Steel Panther. We will cranks up some choice live Priest tracks from previous Judas Priest live records and special editions like Priest….Live! and Unleashed in the East. Plus we’ll hear some tasty Steel Panther cuts and get some words from the Metal God himself Rob Halford.

Comedian/actor/game show host Drew Carey must be quite the metal head because a few week’s ago we heard Dave Mustaine of Megadeth’s appearance on the show and this week we are going In the Vault with Motorhead’s appearance on the show.

lady_gaga___heavy_metal_lover_by_plgoldens-d54qzggSpeaking of mainstream pop culture icons being metal heads did you know that eccentric pop star Lady Gaga is actually metal head? I swear we’ve spotted her at a couple of different Slayer shows over the years and during a recent Redit she explained who her top metal bands were. This week’s Power Set will feature those four bands. They are Metallica, Iron Maiden, AC/DC and Black Sabbath. That’s not a bad list at all.

(Fan submitted art for the Gaga song “Heavy Metal Lover” uploaded to deviant art)

PhilmcoverNow mentioning Slayer of course they have a long history and one of the stranger parts is the story of their drummer situation. Going back and forth between Dave Lombardo and Paul Bostaph. Since Paul took over the drumming duties again were is Dave Lombardo? Well he’s playing in a band called Philm who just released their 2nd album. This week’s Then & Now will feature an old Slayer track plus a new Philm track.

Then there is this week’s Heavy Metal Soundtrack recomendation that also features Slayer, but it’s their version of Iron Butterfly’s “In-a-Gada-Davida.” The movie it’s from is 1987′s Less Than Zero starring Robert Downy Jr.

It’s another 3 hours of classic heavy metal inside Hangar 19.


anthraxwmfrank2Believe it or not no member of Anthrax has joined us in the Hangar since we launched, well this weekend that changes as bassist Frank Bello steps up fresh off the Motorboat cruise with Motorhead. Anthrax have also just released their live concert film Chili on Hell. Frank has stories to tell and we have Anthrax music to crank up.

(Picture of Frank Bello from

cover_cliffemallSpeaking of amazing metal bass players it was 28 years ago that the world lost Metallica bassist Cliff Burton. Cliff is widely regarded as one of the greatest metal bassists to ever live. We will revisit Cliff ‘em All for this week’s In the Vault.

(Cliff ‘em All artwork courtesy of

MalAlso if you missed the news recently AC/DC founding member and rhythm guitarist plus songwriter Malcolm Young has dementia so bad that he is no longer playing with the band and has sat out recording their new album plus will not be joining them on tour. So we’ll dedicate a Power Set of some of the best Malcolm Young songs to the man and of course we wish him and his family the best.

(Image of Malcolm Young from AC/DC’s website)

machine-head-now-we-die-single-cover-art-2014Machine Head recently had a new song leaked entitled “Now We Die” but before it got out of hand the band decided to release upon the world themselves, and we’re happy they did. We will debut the tune as part of a Machine Head Then & Now that will also feature a classic from their debut Burn My Eyes.

(Now We Die artwork courtesy of Nuclear Blast Records)

Finally our soundtrack recommendation this week goes back to the video game world. It’s only fitting that when the makers of Splatterhouse, one of the original horror themed video games, remade the game in 2010 that it included a soundtrack featuring metal heavy weights like Lamb of God, Mastodon and the Cavalera brothers.

All this and yes another three hours of old school metal served exactly the way you want it….LOUD!


slashYes the immortal, top hat wearing guitar god Slash is joining us in the Hangar to discuss his new album with Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators World on Fire. Of course we’ll talk some old school Guns N’ Roses as well plus play some live tracks featuring his current band playing the old Guns stuff.

Then do you know how Black Sabbath got their name? It was this movie Black Sabbath from Boris Karloff that put the thought in Tony Iommi’s head as we go In The Vault with the trailer from this horror classic.

MI0001614682In 2000 a new tour concept that put heavy metal bands with tattoo artists came to fruition. On paper this tour looked incredible featuring Slayer, Slipknot, Hatebreed, Sevendust and more alongside some of the best tattoo artists in the business. Unfortunately due to health laws the artists weren’t able to tattoo the concert goers and instead had to relate to booths that showed off their work while someone else did henna. Therefore the tour never happened again but it did spawn a pretty killer live compilation called Tattoo the Earth: The First Crusade. This week’s Power Set will feature the aforementioned bands from this live album.

downloadA few months ago Prong put out their latest record Ruining Lives and now have put out a 7″ single for the song “Remove, Separate Self” Yes a 7 inch record. So in honor that will be the subject of this week’s Then & Now.

Finally our heavy metal soundtrack recommendation once again comes from Tales from the Crypt Presents: Demon Knight. With so much great metal on one soundtrack it’s hard not to spotlight this one a couple of times.

Slash and three more hours of old school metal on the one and only Hangar 19.


Joe 03If you don’t think Def Leppard aren’t metal enough to get inside the Hangar you’d be wrong. When their first album On Through The Night came out it was on par to and considered part of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. Their second album High ‘N’ Dry continued them down that path. It was 1983′s Pyromania that launched them into the stratosphere and shaped their sound to come on their following albums. Joe Elliott is the lead singer and we dig deep into the history of Def Leppard’s metal years this week in the Hangar.

Then for something a little more light hearted from the world of Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine we go In The Vault with Dave’s apperance on the Drew Carey Show in 1998 when he try’s out for Drew’s one night only band.

AnthraxStateOfEuphoria_ImprovedSpeaking of a Big 4 band our Power Set this week features a very underrated Anthrax album, State of Euphoria. Their 1988 follow-up to Among the Living had a lot to live up to sure but the album get’s a bad rap and we’ve got a few songs to prove it. Plus this week the album celebrates its 26th anniversary, being released September 18, 1988.

(Anthrax artwork courtesy of Island Records)

540F1D3C-exodus-premier-salt-the-wound-track-featuring-metallicas-kirk-hammett-lyric-video-streaming-imageWe’ll stay away from Gothenburg this week for our Then & Now but we will stay on the thrash metal route. By this point you may know that Steve “Zetro” Souza is back in Exodus and that original Exodus (and current Metallica) guitarist Kirk Hammet plays on their new record. The song is called “Salt in the Wound” and we have it for an Exodus Then & Now.

Finally this week’s Heavy Metal Soundtrack Recommendation is from the 2007 comedy Balls of Fury

Hell yeah! It’s another 3 hours of old school metal inside Hangar 19, you ready?