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Cutter brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to hosting Hangar 19. The guy lives and breathes heavy metal. After spending his teenage years not going to school and playing guitar in punk and metal bands, Cutter got an almost real job working for a classic rock radio station. After a few years of overnights and filling in for other people, plus complaining there wasn’t any Iron Maiden in the station’s library, he moved onto Assistant Program Director and eventually to Morning Show Host for an active rock station.

During this time, he also created his first metal radio show. His show became so popular that it spawned its own concert series and broke bands like Slipknot, Killswitch Engage, Bullet for My Valentine and countless others into the radio station’s playlist. The new metal stuff was cool, but Cutter realized its old school roots are where it’s at.

Watching his own son wear skinny jeans and seeing new metal become flavored with pop and bad rap, Cutter wanted to show the world where metal began, where it was brought to and why it is where it is now. After getting laid off in 2009, Cutter began working on a show to bring metal back to the mainstream. This is how Hangar 19 was born.