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Is there anything that brings fans of heavy metal and hard rock more joy than summer concert season? All the big shows start getting announced, the festivals, the tour packages and we rejoice and then start planning out our summer accordingly. I thought the Cinderella / Sebastian Bach tour flew under the radar a bit, and understandably so. When other 80’s rock and metal acts who are on tour, such as Motley Crue and Kiss, and the Def Leppard / Poison/ Lita Ford tour, this little package maybe didn’t mean much to other people. I personally was st0ked that Bach and Cinderella would be on the road together. I’d much rather see either band than Poison, and the Motley Crue / Kiss tour was a  little pricy. So on a hot August night at a Casino ballroom not to far from my house, myself and a couple of friends went and saw Cinderella and Sebastian Bach. Of course I weaseled my way backstage to talk to Bach. Here is the audio version of that conversation.

Check the video page for the video portion (Coming soon)

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