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dt18James LaBrie isn’t a founding member of Dream Theater but he has been the lead singer since 199o. James sits down for a long conversation about the current North American Tour An Evening With Dream Theater, the new self titled album, playing with orchestras, why girls didn’t like them at first and much much more. Enjoy a conversation with a progressive metal legend.

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  • eosforum

    Always nice to hear from James!

  • OberstRolex

    Thank you for the great radio show but this interview was very difficult for me to enjoy because of the bad phone voice quality with background noise and silent songs in the background which I barely can identify as music. Anyway cool interview!

  • Cody McKenna

    Gotta love how the interview finished before Illumination Theory did. xD

  • tohen4

    I can’t concentrate on the interview with illumination theory playing in the background!