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katakysmDid that get your attention? This weekend Maurizio Iacono the lead singer for Canadian death metal band Kataklysm. Since 1991 this band has been winning over fans of heavy music all over the world. They aren’t your average death metal band, but don’t listen to me, listen to them. Start with Iron will their career retrospective celebrating their 20th anniversary. Then check out their latest album Waiting for the End to Come that came out in 2013. Of course do that after this weekend’s show.

Then we are going to go In The Vault with the one of the story of one of the greatest guitar riffs the world has ever knows. The Story of Deep Purple’s “Smoke on the Water”

far beyondThis week’s Power Set is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the first “extreme” metal record to debut at number one on the billboard charts. It’s Pantera’s Far Beyond Driven. The re-issue is now out and features the remastered full album and the live disc Far Beyond Bootleg – Live From Donington ’94. 

dh-extremeistThen our Then & Now comes from the Christian Metal Band Demon Hunter who just put out their 7th studio album Extremist. 

Finally this week’s Heavy Metal Soundtrack recommendation is a completion called Thor – Superhero Heavy Metal. Thor is the most heavy metal superhero after all.

This plus 3 hours of classic heavy metal on Hangar 19.




matthiasMatthias Jabs is part of the incredible guitar attack of the legendary German Metal/Hard Rock band The Scorpions. After joining the band in 1978 after the departure of Ulrich Roth he has been an incredible important member of this band. Be prepared for a long and in depth conversation about the new Scorpions MTV Unplugged in Athens acoustic album, plus touring, their 50th anniversary as a band next year and why after the band after saying their were done in 2012 are still going strong.



Randy-Rhoads (1)While you are cranking out three hours of classic metal this weekend inside Hangar 19 use this is your guide to enjoy. On March 19, 1982 we lost a metal hero, a huge talent that we didn’t get to experience enough. His name is Randy Rhoads and after forming Quiet Riot in the late 70′s he then left to play guitar for the newly formed solo band by then former Black Sabbath lead singer Ozzy Osbourne. This week in the Hangar we celebrate is life.

ozzy-tributeOZZY OSBOURNE: Tribute

This live record was put out in 1988 as a tribute to Ozzy’s original guitarist Randy Rhoads. It was released on the 5 year anniversary of Randy’s tragic death. Most of the album is a live album recorded during a 1981 tour stop in Cleveland, OH and not only features some Ozzy classics but also a few choice Black Sabbath songs. This is a live record that every metal head should own as it shows off Randy’s playing so well.

(album artwork courtesy of Epic Records)


This is the band that Randy formed in 1973. Although they didn’t have any real success until after Randy’s death and with the release of Metal Health in 1983. Although this is their 3rd album their first and second have been long out of print and are the only ones to feature Randy.

This week’s guests:

ZAKK WYLDE: Zakk played guitar with Ozzy from 1987 until 2009(ish) Randy was one of Zakk’s idols growing up and you can hear is full conversation with us right here.

GUS G.: Gus is Ozzy’s current guitar player and like the guy he replaced was heavily influenced by Randy Rhoads. To hear his talk with us from a few weeks ago check it out here.

Rudy Sarzo: Rudy played bass with Randy in an early incarnation of Quiet Riot, plus joined up with Ozzy’s band shortly before Randy’s death. Rudy also recently wrote a book about his time with Randy Rhoads, among other touring stories, that is really worth the read. You can check out that book at

Ozzy Osbourne: Randy’s death may of hit Ozzy more than anyone else. During their time together Randy and Ozzy became best friends.

Enjoy a tribute to a guy who died at the age of 25 long before his prime but is as just as influential today as he was in 1982 this week inside Hangar 19.



Randy-Rhoads (1)March 19, 1982 is a date a lot of metal heads still remember. It’s the day that Ozzy Osbourne’s guitarist and former guitarist for Quiet Riot, Randy Rhoads lost his life. Ozzy’s tour bus driver, (and former pilot,) Andrew Aycock along with Randy and their makeup artist Rachel Youngblood were flying a small plane around the property where the band was staying. While trying to “buzz” the tour bus where the rest of the band where sleeping a wing clipped the bus and the plan crashed into the house on the property. All three were killed instantly and only could be identified by dental records. Randy was only 25 years old. On this anniversary of one metal’s most tragic deaths we remember Randy Rhoads. Enjoy the videos and crank up some early Ozzy in remembrance. This coming weekend we’ll pay our respects on the show by cranking up a bunch Ozzy from the Tribute album and we’ll hear from Zakk Wylde, Gus G, Rudy Sarzo and of course Ozzy himself.

(Randy photo from

Randy interview while he was in the band Quiet Riot

Ozzy live in ’82 with Randy

Of course the almighty “Crazy Train”

A compilation including Randy winning best new artist from Guitar Player Magazine 1981 plus interviews with Rudy Sarzo and Ozzy



gusGGus G. had already become a huge star of the heavy metal guitar in Europe when Ozzy’s people found him and hired him to become Ozzy’s 4th guitarist. Gus is from Greece and had spent most of the 2000′s in a band called Firewind, a progressive European metal band. With Ozzy back with Black Sabbath and Firewind on hiatus it was time for Gus to put together a solo record, but he has enlisted some friends to help him out. Gus goes into great detail about his new album I am the Fire, playing with Ozzy, reflecting on Randy Rhoads and more on the latest Hangar 19 Podcast edition.