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Yesterday August 11th from now moving forward will be known as the day we found out Robin Williams had passed away. The actor/comedian was 63 years old and had been suffering from severe depression. There weren’t many people in this world that weren’t fans of his or at least enjoyed a few of his movies. The metal world feels the same,



Very sad news about Robin Williams! You will be missed! RIP.

Bassist Chris Kael of Five Finger Death Punch:

Sad to see when those that bring the most joy also suffer the most pain.

Alice Cooper:

gone. If you struggle with SEE a doc! This was 1 of his best. Lots of swear words – 

Korn Guitarist Brian “Head” Welch:

Lord, take Robin Williams with you, please I wanna laugh for Eternity!

Former Anthrax and current Volbeat guitarist Rob Caggiano:

R.I.P. Robin Williams

Devin Townsend:

Ah shit, rip Robin Williams. Popeye was my favourite thing he did. :(

Slipknot/Stone Sour vocalist Corey Taylor:

No one ever made me laugh like Robin Williams. Now I can’t stop crying. We’ll miss you, Mr. Williams.

Ozzy Osbourne:

Such a tragic loss. I will always have amazing memories of @RobinWilliams. Respect and love goes out to his family.

From all of us at Hangar 19 Rest in Piece Mr. Williams the laughs you brought this world will be forever missed



zakkandmeAt this point we all know who Zakk Wylde is. He’s the former guitarist for Ozzy, the current leader of the Black Label Society and one of the greatest guitarists in metal or rock the world has known. He also finds himself inside the Hangar on a pretty regular basis. Here’s a quick conversation with Zakk Wylde on the Hangar 19 Podcast edition.

(picture of Cutter and Zakk Wylde from Rock USA 2014)



korn-cutterWhat happens when you get to go hang out at a four day music festival packed tight with metal bands? If you’re me you get to have some pretty amazing conversations in front of a live audience. This week in the Hangar we get some music of course and some quick talks with some metal legends, and some soon to be metal legends like Head and Fieldy from Korn, Phil Labonte from All That Remains, Tom Maxwell from HELLYEAH! and Ivan Moody from Five Finger Death Punch all from the Rock USA festival in Wisconsin.

We will then go In the Vault with Anders Fridén from In Flames from actually just a few years ago courtesy of Horns Up Rocks.

Rob-Halford-Metal-God-HoustonThis week’s Power Set will feature four songs that feature The Metal God himself Rob Halford. Rob has guested on some pretty big time records with some pretty big time bands including Krokus’ Headhunter, Ugly Kid Joe America’s Least Wanted, Five Finger Death Punch’s The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell, and even the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Soundtrack.

hellyeah-bloodOur Then & Now will have to feature the, no longer a supergroup but a real band, HELLYEAH! The band that features former Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul plus Mudvayne vocalist Chad Grey and of course our guest former Nothingface guitarist Tom Maxwell put out their 4th album Blood for Blood recently and is probably the best of their career.

(HELLYEAH cover from Eleven Seven Music)

Finally a Soundtrack recommendation that features all kinds of killer metal and hard rock from The World’s Strongest Man Competition. This soundtrack from 2008 is meant to be the music to accompany the competition and also features the theme song.

All of this plus 3 hours of classic metal inside Hangar 19




overkill4A few weeks ago it was time for our yearly talk with Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth of the New Jersey thrash metal band Overkill. The release of their 17th studio album White Devil Armory game Overkill their highest charting album ever. That’s pretty good for a band that started 30 years ago. This conversation did take place a couple of weeks before it’s release.



39 years ago August 4th the world’s first real taste of legendary metal singer Ronnie James Dio came on an album that was supposed to be a one off side project for legendary Deep Purple guitarist Ritchie Blackmore. This isn’t the heaviest of Rainbow albums, in fact it has a lot of folk and blues influenced, but think about what came after for Rainbow and then Dio and you know just how important this record is to the world of rock and metal.

Rainbow_-_Ritchie_Blackmore's_Rainbow_(1975)_front_coverArtist: Rainbow

Album: Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow

Release Date: August 4, 1975

Recommended Listening: Man on the Silver Mountain, Temple of the King, Black Sheep of the Family, Catch the Rainbow

Metal Insider contributor Anthony Maisano had this to say:

This was the album that was originally just a Ritchie Blackmore side project after leaving Deep Purple. It’s also the first album that many people would notice Ronnie James Dio for the very first time. The album is basically just Ronnie’s old band Elf with Ritchie on guitar. The whole reason this band came to be was because Ritchie wanted to record a cover of “Black Sheep of the Family” with Deep Purple, and was denied. “Man on the Silver Mountain” is a staple track if you’re interested at all in Dio, and Dio often stated that it was his favorite track of his entire career. “Catch the Rainbow” is a beautiful, almost sad sounding ballad that Ronnie really shows off his impressive voice on. “The Temple of the King” is the other Rainbow track on this album that is almost a bit of an acoustic track, but the melodies are just addicting as hell.

This is the album that really got people to notice who Ronnie James Dio was, and forever springboarded his career. It’s another album that you should have listened to without question. I especially recommend this album to people who love folk and blues music, as the influence on this album is WAY stronger than the two Dio-era Rainbow albums that would follow this one. It’s not a perfect album, and said next two albums far outshine this one in my opinion, but this is still a great release. Give this album a listen, and see why Ronnie will forever be the “Man on the Silver Mountain.”