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unnamedYeah he’s that one guy from that one heavy metal band that you might have heard of, and yeah you may have seen him on some random VH1 show but truly in our world he is a giant. Scott Ian is one of the founding members of one of the big 4 of thrash metal bands Anthrax. For 30 years Anthrax have made it through thick and thin to be where they are now and it’s about damn time one of them wrote a book. Yes Scott Ian is now an author writing the book I’m the Man: The Story of that Guy from Anthrax. The book is out now and it’s pretty awesome read. Scott gets in the Hangar to tell us all about it and some Anthrax stories as well.

A few weeks ago I (Cutter) got to see Doro Pesch bring her 30th anniversary show to New York’s Gramercy Ballroom and what an incredible show it was. Doro performed everything you’d want including old Warlock songs plus a few covers like “Breaking the Law” by Judas Priest and “Egypt” by DIO which is on the Dio tribute album. Not to mention special guests like Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth from Overkill and Jeff Waters from Annihilator. This week to help celebrate this German metal Queen’s dominance in metal we are going In the Vault to one of her first appearance’s on the original Headbanger’s Ball.

machine-head-now-we-die-single-cover-art-2014With the release of a new Machine Head album Bloodstones & Diamonds it would normally mean a new tour and chances to see the legendary bay area band all over the world. Unfortunately a tour was cancelled and it sounds like the band is waiting to do things their own way. We can’t fault them for that but the internet “trolls” weren’t exactly happy about some jokes singer Robb Flynn made. Forget all that we’re cranking up a Power Set of Machine Head tunes this week.

(Machine Head artwork courtesy of Nuclear Blast Records)

cavaleraconspiracypandemoniumbiggerThis week’s Then & Now features the latest output but the brothers Cavalera. First Max and Igor were together in Sepultura and in 2007 decided to write new music again under the name Cavalera Conspiracy. They have just released their 3rd record Pandemomnium so we’ll crank a new song and an old school Sepultura song as well.

(Cavalera Conspiracy artwork courtesy of Napalm Records)

Also this week’s Heavy Metal Soundtrack Recommendation comes from the CBS dramatic series Criminal Minds. Believe it or not a couple episodes every season will feature a metal song in the show. We’ll look to their most recent Halloween episode were they had a song from the band Beartooth playing and an episode from Season 9 that featured Toxic Halocaust.

This plus another 3 hours of classic metal on your home for true heavy metal Hangar 19.


Paul Brannigan author photo by Hiroko KatoBrannigan_9780306821868Authors Paul Brannigan and Ian Winwood have just written a book that every single Metallica or metal fan needs to read, called Birth School Metallica Death. The book hit shelves and online retailers this week. Volume one tells the story of Metallica up until the release of the Black album with so much detail that even the most hard core of fan will learn something new. This weekend Paul Brannigan is in the Hangar to talk about early Metallica and how he and Ian decided to write a book on the biggest band in the world.

(Images courtesy of Da Capo Press)

We continue the old school and go In The Vault with Geoff Tate and Chris DeGarmo of Queensryche from 1986 on Sky TV’s Monsters of Rock television show.

mh_band_aftershockOn top of that we will say our prayers for God himself, Lemmy Kilmeister has Motorhead as had to cancel their European Tour (they have since rescheduled) due to Lemmy’s continuing health problems. We’ve ordered up a Power Set of Motorhead songs that will include their latest metal onlsaught “Heartbreaker”

(Image courtesy of UDR-Music)

daThis week’s Then & Now is from a band that Kirk Hammet unleashed upon the world, Death Angel. Their new album The Dream Calls For Blood is in stores now and another lesson in old school thrash with a modern twist. A song from their amazing Act III and a brand new tune.

(Image courtesy of Nuclear Blast Records)

Our heavy metal soundtrack recommendation is from the world’s biggest video game, Grand Theft Auto V featuring some classic west coast hardcore. If you haven’t played this game or don’t get into video games check this out.

All this and 3 hours of classic metal inside Hangar 19.



CoreyTaylor5This week inside Hangar 19 it’s part 1 of our two week run with the lead singer of Slipknot and Stone Sour Corey Taylor. Let’s not forget that he is also an author having just released his second book A Funny Thing Happened on The Way to Heaven. He has also guest sang with numerous amounts of other bands like Anthrax, Apoclypitca, Soulfly, Steel Panther and even contributed to the Dave Grohl documentary Sound City by co writing the song “From Can to Can’t” for the soundtrack. There is a lot to discuss and a lot of metal to play from the mind of Corey Taylor.

We will continue a theme of legendary metal frontmen as we then go In The Vault with a guy who was kind of responsible for Corey Taylor becoming the singer he his today. It’s Mike Patton of Faith No More.

2127259-phil-anselmo-617-409This week’s Power Set features four different projects from Phil Anselmo including Pantera, Down, Superjoint Ritual and his new solo project, Philip H. Anselmo and the Illegals.

jon_olivaOur Then & Now comes from one of the masterminds behind the greatest Power Metal band in history. Jon Oliva from Savatage has finally released his first solo album and it features the last ever songs written by his brother Chris Oliva. We will go old with Savatage and new with Jon.

And how about a frontman who is so dedicated to taking his band to the next level that he takes over a radio station to get his song on the air just one time? It’s Brenden Fraser as the lead singer of the band The Lone Rangers. A band that has Steve Buscemi playing bass and Adam Sandler playing drums. Of course this week’s Heavy Metal Movie and Soundtrack Recommendation is Airheads.

This plus, like always, three hours of the heaviest music around. It’s the history of heavy metal in music form every week inside Hangar 19.


stephenpearcyroadrunnerStephen Pearcy of Ratt joins us inside the Hangar to talk about his new book, Sex, Drugs & Rock and Roll, his time in Ratt, meeting Michael Jackson, his involvement in drag racing, and just how much sex they were actually having as mentioned the Dave Grohl documentary Sound City. Download or listen to it right here for free.


Rex Brown has posted a video of preview of his new book. Rex will join us inside the Hangar just after it’s release on March 12th to go into some of these Pantera stories and why he decided to write this book.