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By live we mean live metal! We are playing metal from some of the greatest live albums ever released in the world of hard rock and heavy metal. Here are a few that’ll we be cranking metal from.

Metallica Live S***: Binge and Purge

Metallica’s 1993 box set featuring 3 videos and 3 CD’s plus tour booklet and stencil of the famous scary guy logo all inside of mock up of a Metallica road case featuring concerts from Seattle, San Diego and Mexico City was a fan’s dream come true.

Kiss Alive

We cannot call ourselves a classic metal radio show and not play something off the live album that popularized the live album during an all live metal version of Hangar 19.

Slayer Decade of Aggression: Live

This 1991 double LP or CD live album from Slayer pretty much cemented just how fast, technical and evil they were really were. It’s also the final release from the classic Slayer era and pretty much summed up the intensity of unholy trifecta of albums.

Judas Priest Unleashed in the East

Recorded in Japan while on tour for Hell Bent for Leather upon this live album’s release it was the best selling Judas Priest album to date. Of course that would change.

Anthrax Live: The Island Years

It’s as simple as what the title says it’s Anthrax live in the late 80′s when they were still on Island records releasing thrash metal classics.

Ozzy Osbourne Tribute

It’s a live tribute to the greatest guitarist to ever live…enough said

That’s just a taste of some the most legendary live metal records you’ll hear from this weekend inside Hangar 19.


Rob-Halford-Metal-God-HoustonWe are homered and humbled to once again have The Metal God Rob Halford of Judas Priest back inside Hangar 19. With the release of Judas Priest’s 17th studio album Redeemer of Souls there is a lot to catch up on. Plus Rob will go in detail on 3 new metal classics as we do a Judas Priest Then and Now each of our 3 hours of the heaviest music around.

Remembering that Judas Priest are one of two legendary metal band’s from Birmingham, England we are going In The Vault with the mighty Black Sabbath.


Speaking of Sabbath they just recently headlined the annual Hyde Park music festival in London and while rumors were abound it would be their last show it was Faith No More that came out and stunned the crowd by finishing their set with their first new music in 17 years. This week’s Power Set is taken from their 1991 live album Live at Brixton. 

Then our Heavy Metal soundtrack recommendation is from Hollywood’s re do of Bad News Bears featuring tunes from Alice Cooper and Senses Fail

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When a band covers a song it can be the ultimate tribute to their heroes and to their peers. Take Metallica’s Garage Inc. album or the latest tribute record to Dio. There are incredible versions of incredible songs on some amazing records. There are also live records with cover songs, or songs recorded in the studio and used as B sides or soundtrack songs. This weekend inside Hangar 19 it’s classic (and a couple of current) metal bands covering other rock and metal bands.

We are going to go In the Vault with Motley Crue circa 1985. Of course they had a huge song with their cover of “Smoking in the Boys Room” from the album Theater of Pain.

nativity_in_blackThis week’s Power Set is a tribute to Black Sabbath. Both Megadeth and Pantera have covered Sabbath more than once and we’ll hear some gems from both bands this week taken from Nativity in Black 1 and 2. Both records were tributes to the classic 1970′s Black Sabbath line-up.

(Nativity in Black artwork from Sony records)

f4bf3918f75592183f45ceea22db2f56In the last few years the female fronted band Halestorm have become world wide rock stars. In 2011 they put out a covers e.p. called ReAniMate: The Covers E.P. The disc starts off with a pretty killer cover of Skid Row’s “Slave to the Grind.” So this week’s Then & Now has both the Skid Row version and the Halestorm version.

(Halestorm artwork from Halestormrocks.com)

maxresdefaultOur soundtrack recommendation is something a little different as it will be a couple of metal bands covering wrestling theme music from the album WWF: Forceable Entry. 

This plus metal covers by and from Annihilator, Sepultura, Guns N’ Roses, Anthrax, and even a female tribute band to Iron Maiden for 3 hours of metal inside Hangar 19.


Wendy DioThis weekend we are honored and humbled to be joined by Wendy Dio the wife and manager of the legend Ronnie James Dio. After Ronnie died of cancer in March of 2010 Wendy along with some other of Ronnie’s friends started the Stand Up and Shout cancer fund. With the newly released tribute album This is Your Life: A Tribute to Ronnie James Dio they are raising more money for the fund and allowing us to hear some of metal’s greats covering some of metal’s greatest songs. Wendy will give us the inside take on this amazing album and on the fund itself.

Then we will go to the famed melodic death metal capital of the world Gothenburg, Sweden to go In the Vault with Opeth. Thanks to Fight Network we get the lowdown on the start of Opeth.

killersThis week’s Power Set will come from the very first two Iron Maiden records. It’s to basically settle a bet. You know how this conversation goes, you’re in a bar with a fellow metal brother and the question get’s asked “What are you two favorite Iron Maiden records?” The argument was made for the first two albums Iron Maiden and Killers, and it’s actually hard to argue that.

marchofthedammedOur Then and Now will come from another classic metal legend from the New Wave of British Heavy Metal era in Judas Priest. Their latest album Redeemer of Souls will be out in July.

Then our heavy metal soundtrack recommendation comes from the ultimate 1970′s stoner movie (even though it came out in 1993) Dazed and Confused. In fact instead of doing the standard two songs from the soundtrack we’ll play three, because with this amazing soundtrack it’s hard to narrow down the best.

All this and another three hours of old school heavy metal inside Hangar 19.


sypder_livePowerman 5000 have been a band and around at least as a name almost as long as the lead singer’s older brother’s band White Zombie. Of course Rob Zombie dissolved White Zombie in 1997 and has been solo ever sense, and has had a ton of success. Spyder One’s band Powerman 5000 on the other hand has had a bunch different road. I only compare these two in name alone. Spyder has never ridden on the coattails of his brother, in fact I can’t remember too many times their two bands have even played together. Powerman 5000 had a ton of success with their album Tonight The Stars Revolt! including the huge radio hit “When Worlds Collide.”  Spyder One gets in the Hangar this weekend to give his story and debut a brand new song from what could be their comeback album Builders of the Future due out May 27th.

(photo of Spyder one by David Block)

Then we are going to go In The Vault this week with Sepultura. Found a ten minute documentary originally aired on MTV Headbanger’s Ball in 1989 about the start and early days of the legendary Brazilian metal band.

Billward-interviewvidThis week’s Powerset consists of 4 of the Top 10 Bill Ward, Black Sabbath Songs. Get the full top 10 here and watch an interview with the monster drummer explaining his thoughts about last year’s Black Sabbath reunion.

UDR0175_CD_motorhead_aftershock_cover_72dpi_130828This week’s Then & Now comes from Motorhead. It’s been a rough year so far for Lemmy Kilmister with having heart surgery and having to cancel an entire tour because of it. The one bright spot has been one of Motorhead’s best albums in two decades. The album is called Aftershock and they just put out their second single just in time for a few Motorhead festival appearances.

And this week’s soundtrack recomendation is from yet another Music inspired by… album. This time though it’s for the AMC TV show the incredible The Walking Dead! 

All this and another 3 hours of heavy metal from the old school on Hangar 19.