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Here’s what to expect while cranking up Hangar 19 this weekend:

First our Heavy Metal soundtrack recommendation comes from the expansive Tony Hawk video game world. These classic skateboarding video games have long supported heavy metal and punk rock from the original Tony Hawk Pro Skater to the new as yet untitled game due out this year on all the next gen systems. Certain installments have even featured playable characters like members of Metallica and Iron Maiden’s mascot Eddie. Iron Maiden’s music has been featured on two different games and we’ll hear those tracks this weekend.

foreverThis week’s Power Set is a tribute to Twisted Sister. 4 songs from the Twisted Forever album. It’s the 2001 tribute album that featured classic Sister songs redone by Motorhead, Anthrax, Overkill, Vision of Disorder and more.

(Twisted Forever artwork courtesy of Koch Records)

We will go In The Vault with Guns N’ Roses explaining the video for “Welcome to the Jungle” from MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball in 1987. The clip below is actually the best of Headbanger’s Ball and we’ll be taking clips from it for the In the Vault segment for the next few weeks inside the Hangar

BlindguardianbeyondstandardOur Then & Now will feature one the most unapologetic power metal bands that have existed over the last 25 years. The band is Germany’s Blind Guardian. Their new album Beyond the Red Mirror is scheduled to be released on the 30th and the now will feature their new song “Twilight of the Gods.” While the then will be a song featuring Kia Hansen from Helloween and Gamma Ray fame called Valhalla taken off their 1989 album Follow the Blind. 

(Beyond the Red Mirror artwork courtesy of Nuclear Blast Records)

All that plus metal from Suicidal Tendencies, Warlock, Crowbar, DIO and more this weekend inside Hangar 19.


unnamedYeah he’s that one guy from that one heavy metal band that you might have heard of, and yeah you may have seen him on some random VH1 show but truly in our world he is a giant. Scott Ian is one of the founding members of one of the big 4 of thrash metal bands Anthrax. For 30 years Anthrax have made it through thick and thin to be where they are now and it’s about damn time one of them wrote a book. Yes Scott Ian is now an author writing the book I’m the Man: The Story of that Guy from Anthrax. The book is out now and it’s pretty awesome read. Scott gets in the Hangar to tell us all about it and some Anthrax stories as well.

A few weeks ago I (Cutter) got to see Doro Pesch bring her 30th anniversary show to New York’s Gramercy Ballroom and what an incredible show it was. Doro performed everything you’d want including old Warlock songs plus a few covers like “Breaking the Law” by Judas Priest and “Egypt” by DIO which is on the Dio tribute album. Not to mention special guests like Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth from Overkill and Jeff Waters from Annihilator. This week to help celebrate this German metal Queen’s dominance in metal we are going In the Vault to one of her first appearance’s on the original Headbanger’s Ball.

machine-head-now-we-die-single-cover-art-2014With the release of a new Machine Head album Bloodstones & Diamonds it would normally mean a new tour and chances to see the legendary bay area band all over the world. Unfortunately a tour was cancelled and it sounds like the band is waiting to do things their own way. We can’t fault them for that but the internet “trolls” weren’t exactly happy about some jokes singer Robb Flynn made. Forget all that we’re cranking up a Power Set of Machine Head tunes this week.

(Machine Head artwork courtesy of Nuclear Blast Records)

cavaleraconspiracypandemoniumbiggerThis week’s Then & Now features the latest output but the brothers Cavalera. First Max and Igor were together in Sepultura and in 2007 decided to write new music again under the name Cavalera Conspiracy. They have just released their 3rd record Pandemomnium so we’ll crank a new song and an old school Sepultura song as well.

(Cavalera Conspiracy artwork courtesy of Napalm Records)

Also this week’s Heavy Metal Soundtrack Recommendation comes from the CBS dramatic series Criminal Minds. Believe it or not a couple episodes every season will feature a metal song in the show. We’ll look to their most recent Halloween episode were they had a song from the band Beartooth playing and an episode from Season 9 that featured Toxic Halocaust.

This plus another 3 hours of classic metal on your home for true heavy metal Hangar 19.


Judas-Priest-Redeemer-of-Souls-Tour-2014This weekend inside Hangar 19 we will preview and get you all fired up for the this week’s kick off of the current Judas Priest North American Tour with opening band Steel Panther. We will cranks up some choice live Priest tracks from previous Judas Priest live records and special editions like Priest….Live! and Unleashed in the East. Plus we’ll hear some tasty Steel Panther cuts and get some words from the Metal God himself Rob Halford.

Comedian/actor/game show host Drew Carey must be quite the metal head because a few week’s ago we heard Dave Mustaine of Megadeth’s appearance on the show and this week we are going In the Vault with Motorhead’s appearance on the show.

lady_gaga___heavy_metal_lover_by_plgoldens-d54qzggSpeaking of mainstream pop culture icons being metal heads did you know that eccentric pop star Lady Gaga is actually metal head? I swear we’ve spotted her at a couple of different Slayer shows over the years and during a recent Redit she explained who her top metal bands were. This week’s Power Set will feature those four bands. They are Metallica, Iron Maiden, AC/DC and Black Sabbath. That’s not a bad list at all.

(Fan submitted art for the Gaga song “Heavy Metal Lover” uploaded to deviant art)

PhilmcoverNow mentioning Slayer of course they have a long history and one of the stranger parts is the story of their drummer situation. Going back and forth between Dave Lombardo and Paul Bostaph. Since Paul took over the drumming duties again were is Dave Lombardo? Well he’s playing in a band called Philm who just released their 2nd album. This week’s Then & Now will feature an old Slayer track plus a new Philm track.

Then there is this week’s Heavy Metal Soundtrack recomendation that also features Slayer, but it’s their version of Iron Butterfly’s “In-a-Gada-Davida.” The movie it’s from is 1987’s Less Than Zero starring Robert Downy Jr.

It’s another 3 hours of classic heavy metal inside Hangar 19.


10610674_467273366748849_5211889566923275352_nMeeting Nick Oliveri, Josh Homme and Brant Bjork in high school was the basis for Kyuss lead singer John Garcia. As he puts it the music heads find each other. From 1987 to their break up in 1995 this desert rock band gained a ton of fans by doing it on their own and popularizing a certain type of sound that was all their own. Now with the release of his first ever solo album John Garcia is back behind a mic where he belongs.

Of course we’ll go In the Vault this week and this time we are going to go back to the Hard N’ Heavy TV show for what amounts to a bunch of random thoughts from the band Faith No More.

xmarilyn-manson-sons-of-anarchy-s7e1.jpg.pagespeed.ic.6en3vIs2ciOur Power Set this week will come from Marilyn Manson in honor of his reoccurring roll on the FX TV show Sons of Anarchy. The show just started it’s final season and Mr. Manson is playing a white supremacist. Let’s not forget though the guy was a gigantic rock star who wrote evil and menacing Industrial Metal songs.

thehauntedexitwoundscdThis seems to be the year for new albums from Gothenburg, Sweden bands as now The Haunted have just hit with Exit Woulds their first since their former singer Marco Aro rejoined the band.

Our soundtrack recommendation this weekend goes back to The Crow. When you have a soundtrack this good it’s hard to play it more than once.

All this plus another 3 hours of classic heavy metal inside Hangar 19.


31Hard to believe but the guy who has been singing for Sepultura the longest does not have the last name Cavelera. It’s Cleveland born Derek Green who joined the legendary Brazilian metal band in 1998 after Max Cavelera left the band. We focus a bit of Hangar 19 on this era of Sepultura this week as Derek Green steps up and gives us his heavy metal history.

(Sepultura promo pic from

Then we go In The Vault with the original Skid Row somewhere around 1989 as Sebastian Bach recounts being mistakenly named as an influence or songwriter on other people’s records, because well you know he’s not that other Bach.

Iron_Maiden_-_PowerslaveThis week’s Power Set celebrates the 30th anniversary of Iron Maiden’s Powerslave. Released September 3, 1984 it’s one of the big 80’s Iron Maiden albums featuring classics like the title track plus “2 Minutes to Midnight” and “Ace’s High”

(Powerslave artwork from EMI records)

In_Flames_-_Siren_Charms_(album_cover)Then for our Then & Now we go to Gothenburg, Sweden for the latest from In Flames. In Flames are one of the originators of the melodic death metal sound that originated from Sweden in the mid-nineties.  Their 11th studio album entitled Siren Charms just hit stores and although it’s a little more melodic than what people may be used to the song writing has been upped a notch. We’ll crank a new tune and old this week.

(Siren Charms artwork from Sony Music)

And since we are globe setting this week inside Hangar 19 we will go to Denmark for this week’s heavy metal soundtrack recommendation. The movie itself take’s place in New Jersey but the soundtrack features two songs that we’ll play from King Diamond. The movie by the way is Clerks 2.

All this plus another 3 hours of classic heavy metal inside Hangar 19.