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Peter_Rodney_Byford_(aka_Biff_Byford)-14339 Biff Byford is the founding singer of one of the most influential metal bands of all time, Saxon. Although the band never made it to the point of Iron Maiden huge as part of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal scene of the early 80′s they were 1A and 1B. With the release of their 24th studio album coming this Tuesday March 5th, Biff lays it all down during this edition of Hangar 19.

Speaking of New Wave of British Heavy Metal, Def Leppard are the subject of this week’s In the Vault. This is their appearance on the radio show Rockline in 1981.

danzig-with-doyleDanzig is about to kick off his 25th anniversary tour with his former Misfits band mate Doyle playing with him on most dates. In honor we have a Danzig Power Set for you.

demon_hunter_back_by_Ravens_HeartThis week’s Then & Now is from Demon Hunter in honor of the fact that the man who killed Osama Bin Laden spoke about Demon Hunter during his interview with Esquire Magazine.

Then our movie and soundtrack recommendation this week features one of the most disturbing movies we’ve seen in a long time. The independent film Gummo.

3 hours of classic metal inside Hangar 19.




One of rock and metal’s longest standing bands is Def Leppard. They have been together since the late ’70s and didn’t let the death of original guitarist Steve Clark or their drummer Rick Allen losing an arm derail them. Now that’s metal.

Guitarist Phil Collen joined the band right before recording their breakthrough Pyromania and has been with them ever since.

In the last few years he has started a side band called Manraze with Paul Cook from the Sex Pistols.

Hear all about his bands, being named one of the greatest living rockstars, groupies under the stage and what he thinks of Tom Cruise singing “Pour Some Sugar on Me” in the new movie Rock of Ages, in Cutter’s conversation with Phil