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Dave2What can possibly say about Dave Mustaine that hasn’t already been said. By this point you know the story Dave got his start in Metallica but was fired just before the recording of Kill ém All. He then hooked up with bassist Dave Ellefson and formed a band that became almost as big as his previous one did. The legendary Megadeth frontman steps inside the Hangar once again for a conversation about Megadeth and shares some old stories, and some political ones as well on the latest Hangar 19 Podcast edition.

(Promo picture courtesy of Megadeth.com)


The legendary Metal God himself, Rob Halford of Judas Priest recently made his return to the Hangar to talk about the new Priest album Redeemer of Souls!

You can listen to the full uncut interview with Rob now!


martyfriedmanMarty Friedman was the guitarist in Megadeth for the album Rust in Peace through Risk. That means that Marty played on some of the best metal records of the 90′s. In 2002 after he had quit Megadeth he moved to Japan and has called the land of the rising sun home ever since. Marty has just released a new solo album called Inferno and he sits down for conversation about all the above on the latest Hangar 19 Podcast edition.


cxpwmThere really is nothing like a true hard rock music festival. Bands for 3 days straight, booze, games, rides, people watching, and when you’re in the media it means interviews and picture taking. It’s crazy and intense for three straight days. This year’s Rock on the Range in Columbus, OH was no difference and this week inside Hangar 19 we will relive it as we hear conversations with Chris Jericho, Lacuna Coil, Mastodon, Trivium, Crobot, and comedian Craig Gass.

Then we will go In the Vault with Living Colour who put on an amazing set at Rock on the Range. This is taken from the late 80′s though as the band discusses some of their political thoughts and the album Vivid.

lc-downLiving Colour actually ended the set put on by legendary heavy metal supergroup Down who also welcomed former band member and former Pantera bassist Rex Brown to the stage. Down will be the subject of this week’s Power Set.

fozzy-lightsThen in one of the more interesting Then & Now’s we’ve ever done in the Hangar it’s Fozzy. Now Fozzy who features wrestling legend Chris Jericho on vocals and Stuck Mojo guitarist Rich Ward have a pretty amazing new album about to drop, but when Fozzy first came out in 2000 they were a gimmicky cover band. In fact the story goes that they were a band stuck in Japan for 20 years and all the other bands in the 80′s had stolen their songs, so their self titled debut was actually them claiming their own music again. Of course it was a joke but it did have some pretty killer versions of some amazing metal classics.

(Fozzy artwork from Century Media Records)

And just for fun this week’s heavy metal soundtrack recommendation is from Detroit Rock City.

All this plus metal from Slayer, Guns N’ Roses, Exodus and more inside another Hangar 19.


PM5KPowerman 5000 formed in 1991 when Spider recorded an album with a drum machine and a producer. Spider hasn’t stopped since. Powerman 5000 have sold millions of albums worldwide and are still a live staple. Although not as popular as they once were, they still do what they do for their legion of fans and with a new album on the horizon called Builders of the Future they may be set to to gain that level of popularity again. Spider and I discuss everything Powerman, early influences, the sound of the band, and why most music sucks now.