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unnamedYou know Scott Ian as that guy from Anthrax but Scott is also an actor, a television host, a comic book guru, and now an author. Scott has just released his book Scott Ian: The Story of That Guy from Anthrax. It’s a good read and not just for fans either. Scott stopped by for a quick conversation but all things Anthrax and his new book.


anthraxwmfrank2This was pretty cool because I just randomly had the chance to sit down and have a talk with the bassist of Anthrax Frank Bello. Listen I’ve been a huge fan of Anthrax since I first heard the album Among The Living so it was pretty cool to have a laid back conversation with Frank about the direction of the band, the past drama of line-up changes and the ups and downs of the music business and how it pertains to metal. We caught up just before they left for the Motorboat cruise and besides a few technical difficulties it was an honor and a pleasure to talk to Mr. Bello on the latest Hangar 19 Podcast edition.


Ugly Kid Joe


Whitfield Crane has had an interesting career in music that goes far beyond his work as the lead singer of the sarcastic ’90s metalheads Ugly Kid Joe. Crane also spent time with Life of Agony and Medication (a collaboration with Logan Mader from Soulfly) and Another Animal.

But these days, he’s back with Ugly Kid Joe and the band has a new EP called Stairway to Hell that rocks every inch of that downward heavy metal staircase.

Whit was our guest this past weekend on the Hangar and you can hear the complete unedited interview now on the Hangar 19 podcast.


Ricky+Warwick+Thin+Lizzy+Concert+cdwRtTon57ylHave you ever had a moment where you’re listening to a band you like and decide to dig a little further into their career only to find a band that you used to love but forgot all about? That’s exactly what happened when I sat down to interview Ricky Warwick. For the last few years he’s been the lead singer of Thin Lizzy, and to be honest that’s all I really knew of the guy. So when I got ready for our conversation about Thin Lizzy and the new off shoot band Black Star Riders I started to dig into his history and found his first major band The Almighty. Now when I was a teen I got hardcore into music specifically metal, punk, and garage/stoner rock. I used to dig through cassettes (later CD’s) at the record store and remember coming across this band. There was a skull on the cover and they were from the U.K. That’s the only convincing I needed. I listened to Soul Destruction over and over again, but lost touch with the band as they never broke in the U.S. Flash forward 25 years and I’m interviewing the lead singer. Weird how that happens.


n0506zetro1There was something in the water in the early 80’s in the San Francisco area. This is where thrash metal was born and at the forefront was the band Exodus. At the time of the most sought after singers was Steve Souza who before joining Exodus in 1986 was in a little known band called The Legacy. If you know your metal history well you know that The Legacy would later change their name to Testament and hire one of Zetro’s best friends Chuck Billy. The rest is history. Zetro has a great metal story to tell and you can listen to all of it now.