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We’ve had some great guests inside the Hangar recently and as much as we love hanging out with and talking to these legendary metal figures this week we are turning the spotlight back to where it belongs, the music. It’s 3 hours of old school metal featuring some of the best that metal has to offer.

We will also go In the Vault with Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails. Trent has had his moments over the years where he can get a little angry. Of course listening to his music is a pretty dead giveaway of that. Gigwise has put together a compilation video of Trent Reznor’s angriest moments.

Queensryche_-_Operation_Mindcrime_coverThis week’s Power Set will feature 4 songs from Queensryhe’s set of Operation Mindcrime albums. Since former singer Geoff Tate is now going by the band name Operation Mindcrime and he is the only one who can perform those two albums in the entirety live it’s time to take another lesson to one of the greatest concept records in history.

(Operation Mindcrime cover from EMI Records)

MadballHardcoreLivesNew York has been home over the years to some of the greatest metal in history and more specifically to the cross over genre Hard Core. Hard core is a mix between the heaviness of metal and the attitude of punk. No one can deny the significance of the band Agnostic Front but it was the spin off band Madball that took it to the mainstream. Madball has just put out a new record entitled Hard Core Lives and we will feature it during this week’s Then & Now.

(Hardcore Lives artwork from Nuclear Blast Records)

Finally this week’s Soundtrack recommendation is from the original Fast and The Furious, but not the first edition of the soundtrack which featured mostly rap music. It’s from the album titled More Fast and the Furious which featured some killer hard rock and heavy metal.


There is no one in the Hangar this week telling their heavy metal story but we do have all the legend’s and their most important gift offering, their music. The kind of music we love and worship, the kind of music that can only be played one way, loud! This is metal! but…

Live_at_Luna_Park_Dream_TheaterFor this week’s Power Set we will visit the latest live offering from Dream Theater. The 5 disc (3 CD / 2 DVD) set entitled Live at Luna Park is now out and it’s incredible. Luna Park is a Soccer stadium in Argentina. Yes Dream Theater did two nights in a soccer stadium and they filmed or recorded every minute of it. After we preview a few tracks for the Power Set guitarist John Petrucci will be back in the Hangar to tell you about this set and what makes it special.

(Cover art courtesy of Eagle Rock Entertainment)

Have you ever wondered why a weird sounding metal band from Bakersfield, CA would call themselves Korn? Lead singer Jonathan Davis will relive the story on where that name came from as go In The Vault with Korn.

SlayerHow about a second Power Set? All four big 4 bands back to back. Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax as Tom Araya of Slayer told Gazette.net that there are some politics within one of the bands holding back more shows. Read the entire interview here.

(Slayer photo by Tim Tronckoe)


sepultura-albumThe current incarnation of Brazil’s legendary extreme metal band Sepultura have just put out their 13th studio album entitled The Mediator Between Head and Hands Must Be The Heart. In honor of this Sepultura will be the subject of this week’s Then & Now.

(Sepultura artwork courtesy of Nuclear Blast Records)

Also don’t forget about this week’s Heavy Metal Soundtrack recommendation. Metal shows up in all forms of pop culture and was especially prominent in extreme sports. So it should be no surprise that when a soundtrack came out to accompany the 1996 X-Games it was filled with metal bands.

And finally there’s this.


9780306822186-insert 13_2For the last 30 years Al Jourgensen has been the voice and image of industrial metal as the frontman and mastermind of Ministry. With the death of his long time guitarist Mike Scaccia Al has decided to disband the legendary band once and for all. It was during the recording process of Ministry’s swan song From Beer to Eternity that Mike passed, but the final product is one of Ministry’s finest albums. Al is looking forward to the future is in the Hangar this week to tell us whatever Al wants to, because once he starts talking there’s no stopping him.

(Al Jourgensen Photo credit: Allan Amato)

Also this weekend we will go In the Vault with one of the creators of the Swedish death metal sound, In Flames. Lead singer Anders Friden explains how he got into metal.

300x199xhelmet_group-300x199.jpg.pagespeed.ic._xLbfPHuUk (1)This week’s Power Set comes from the ultimate noise rock band Helmet. Four loud tracks from the two most important Helmet albums Meantime Betty. 

(Image credit: Helmet official Website)



Kill-Devil-Hill-063-300x200Then we get a taste of something new from a drummer that’s been in metal almost since the beginning. Vinny Appice most notatably was the drummer for Black Sabbath during the DIO years and then went on to play with Dio throughout the 80′s. A few years ago he joined up with former Pantera bassist Rex Brown to form Kill Devil Hill. With Kill Devil Hill’s second record out and the band tearing up clubs around the country we will get a taste of Vinny’s work with Dio and his new band.

(Kill Devil Hill photo by Alex Solca)

We also take a look at the ultimate heavy metal movie, The Decline of the Western Civilization Part 2: The Metal Years. This movie serves as a documentary of metal in the mid 80′s from Sunset Strip scene in L.A. The soundtrack reflects this with songs from Motorhead, Queensryche, Armored Saint, Faster Pussycat and more.

All this plus 3 hours of the most ear blistering classic heavy metal around, not just this week, but every week inside Hangar 19.



Paul Brannigan author photo by Hiroko KatoBrannigan_9780306821868Authors Paul Brannigan and Ian Winwood have just written a book that every single Metallica or metal fan needs to read, called Birth School Metallica Death. The book hit shelves and online retailers this week. Volume one tells the story of Metallica up until the release of the Black album with so much detail that even the most hard core of fan will learn something new. This weekend Paul Brannigan is in the Hangar to talk about early Metallica and how he and Ian decided to write a book on the biggest band in the world.

(Images courtesy of Da Capo Press)

We continue the old school and go In The Vault with Geoff Tate and Chris DeGarmo of Queensryche from 1986 on Sky TV’s Monsters of Rock television show.

mh_band_aftershockOn top of that we will say our prayers for God himself, Lemmy Kilmeister has Motorhead as had to cancel their European Tour (they have since rescheduled) due to Lemmy’s continuing health problems. We’ve ordered up a Power Set of Motorhead songs that will include their latest metal onlsaught “Heartbreaker”

(Image courtesy of UDR-Music)

daThis week’s Then & Now is from a band that Kirk Hammet unleashed upon the world, Death Angel. Their new album The Dream Calls For Blood is in stores now and another lesson in old school thrash with a modern twist. A song from their amazing Act III and a brand new tune.

(Image courtesy of Nuclear Blast Records)

Our heavy metal soundtrack recommendation is from the world’s biggest video game, Grand Theft Auto V featuring some classic west coast hardcore. If you haven’t played this game or don’t get into video games check this out.

All this and 3 hours of classic metal inside Hangar 19.



chuck-billy-1Testament’s new double disc live album and the DVD Dark Roots of Thrash recorded during their Dark Roots of Earth tour in February of this year. The record comes out this Tuesday (October 29th) and the voice of Testament Chuck Billy is in the Hangar to debut a bunch of tracks and talk all things Testament and thrash metal.


We will be going In The Vault this week with Testament’s upcoming touring partners Lamb of God. (Tour dates will be posted later this weekend)

slayer1The Testament to Slayer connection runs deep as Chuck will explain during this week’s Power Set featuring four select Slayer anthems.

Motorhead-Aftershock1Also Motorhead has returned with their 21st studio album entitled Aftershock. Lemmy proves his godly powers of metal with this week’s Then & Now with the classic “Ace of Spades” and the new tune “Heartbreaker.”

Then this week’s Heavy Metal Movie and Soundtrack Recommendation is from the height of Seattle grunge scene. This movie featured cameos from Soundgarden and Alice in Chains and Pearl Jam as the backing band for the main character. Don’t let that scare you this soundtrack features a couple metal gems, the movie is the only romantic comedy metal fans can relate to. The movie is Singles.

All this plus 3 hours of classic metal inside Hangar 19.