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Randy-Rhoads (1)While you are cranking out three hours of classic metal this weekend inside Hangar 19 use this is your guide to enjoy. On March 19, 1982 we lost a metal hero, a huge talent that we didn’t get to experience enough. His name is Randy Rhoads and after forming Quiet Riot in the late 70′s he then left to play guitar for the newly formed solo band by then former Black Sabbath lead singer Ozzy Osbourne. This week in the Hangar we celebrate is life.

ozzy-tributeOZZY OSBOURNE: Tribute

This live record was put out in 1988 as a tribute to Ozzy’s original guitarist Randy Rhoads. It was released on the 5 year anniversary of Randy’s tragic death. Most of the album is a live album recorded during a 1981 tour stop in Cleveland, OH and not only features some Ozzy classics but also a few choice Black Sabbath songs. This is a live record that every metal head should own as it shows off Randy’s playing so well.

(album artwork courtesy of Epic Records)


This is the band that Randy formed in 1973. Although they didn’t have any real success until after Randy’s death and with the release of Metal Health in 1983. Although this is their 3rd album their first and second have been long out of print and are the only ones to feature Randy.

This week’s guests:

ZAKK WYLDE: Zakk played guitar with Ozzy from 1987 until 2009(ish) Randy was one of Zakk’s idols growing up and you can hear is full conversation with us right here.

GUS G.: Gus is Ozzy’s current guitar player and like the guy he replaced was heavily influenced by Randy Rhoads. To hear his talk with us from a few weeks ago check it out here.

Rudy Sarzo: Rudy played bass with Randy in an early incarnation of Quiet Riot, plus joined up with Ozzy’s band shortly before Randy’s death. Rudy also recently wrote a book about his time with Randy Rhoads, among other touring stories, that is really worth the read. You can check out that book at rudysarzo.com

Ozzy Osbourne: Randy’s death may of hit Ozzy more than anyone else. During their time together Randy and Ozzy became best friends.

Enjoy a tribute to a guy who died at the age of 25 long before his prime but is as just as influential today as he was in 1982 this week inside Hangar 19.


Zakk1We love Zakk though from his long time work as Ozzy Osbourne’s right hand man to his own band Black Label Society Zakk Wylde has become one of the most recognizable and influential people in hard rock and heavy metal. After 4 years and one acoustic record Black Label Society are back with Catacombs of the Black Vatican. A record that sounds just like you would expect, heavy with some melody, a couple of piano ballads and more guitar solos then what should be allowed. Zakk joins us in the Hangar to discuss all the above and play some records.

Then we are going to go In The Vault with The Melvins. Who were on tour with Nirvana in Europe in early 1994, the same tour that Kurt Cobain od’d before being sent home to recover where he eventually killed himself with a shot gun blast to the head. One of Nirvana’s biggest influences were The Melvins and in this quick interview in Slovenia they pay their sarcastic respects.

liveeargnrThis week’s Power Set will come from Gun’s N’ Roses who will be doing another residency in Las Vegas at The Joint inside the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in May. That’s of course right after they headline some festivals and play the Revolver Golden God Awards. So this Power Set is taken from their live album Live Era ’87-93 that came out in 1999.

(Live Era artwork courtesy of Geffen Records)

LC-BlackcrownSpeaking of Revolver this week’s Then & Now comes from a band co-headlining the Revolver Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock tour. The band is Lacuna Coil and with their new album coming out the same week as Black Label Society’s we have a new song to debut plus an old school gem.

(Black Crown Halo artwork courtesy of Century Media Records)

We are also going to revisit the Last Action Hero soundtrack for this week’s Heavy Metal Soundtrack review.

All this and another 3 hours of old school metal only inside Hangar 19.



FINAL_AD_MATwAC4Honestly 80 million albums sold? That’s incredible. For the past 33 years in one form or another there has been a band called Motley Crue. A band that took the excess of the L.A. Strip scene to another level should never have lasted as long as Motley Crue did, but here we are 33 years after they formed and we are celebrating the live and times The Crue. The All Bad Things Must Come to an End tour kicks off in the midwest in July and this week in the Hangar we will be hearing from Tommy, Mick, Nikki and Vince on ending their band and what they’ll be up to next.

We are going to hear from Tommy again for this week’s In The Vault. It’s Tommy Lee from the God Bless Ozzy Osbourne DVD explaining some of the wilder antics from the historic Ozzy / Motley Crue tour in 1985.

Bf4hBN3IQAAaoSkOzzy’s guitarist in 1985 was a guy by the name of Jake E. Lee. After Jake was fired from Ozzy’s band he formed Badlands who had some success in the late 80′s and early 90′s before splitting. Jake E. has a new band called Red Dragon Cartel and we will debut a brand new song from the band on this week’s Then & Now.

(Red Dragon Cartel image courtesy Frontiers Records)

FistfulMotley Crue’s touring partner for the final tour will be Alice Cooper. This week’s Power Set will feature 4 live tracks from his 1997 live album A Fistful of Alice including some special guests like Rob Zombie.

(A Fistful of Alice artwork from Warner Music Group)

Our soundtrack recommendation puts some very heavy bands in front of an extremely mainstream audience. The show is The Following which runs on Fox. It stars Kevin Bacon and features within almost every show a metal band playing in the background. We’ll hear two songs that have been heard on the show, one from Marilyn Manson and the other from Sepultura.

This plus 3 more hours of classic metal inside Hangar 19.


jcHe’s the guitarist who’s influenced pretty much every other guitar player, but he’s the one guitarist everyone else aspires not to be but to just be in the same league. He’s Joe Satriani! With a new solo album out called Unstoppable Momentum and his first full scale North America tour under way we have a lot to talk about including where a such distinct style like his comes from.

Then we will go In The Vault with the legendary singer of Black Sabbath Ozzy Osbourne. This is right after he left Black Sabbath and launched his extremely successful solo career. He goes on a little bit of a tirade about the ethics of Sabbath in the late 70′s.

allen-lanier-bocFor this week’s Power Set we pay our respects to a fallen hero of the metal family. Allen Lanier the guitarist and multi-instrumentalist from Blue Oyster Cult lost his battle with C-O-P-D on August 14th. In memory of the man we crank up four Blue Oyster Cult classics.

distortion fieldAlso on this week’s Then and Now it’s the very underground, but very influential Trouble. A band that almost single handily created the Doom genre of metal. With their new lead singer Kyle Thomas from Exhorder and a new album they are ready for world domination again.

Finally our Heavy Metal Movie and Soundtrack Recommendation features music from Motley Crue and Queensryche and it stars comedian Andrew Dice Clay, it’s Ford Fairlane.

It’s another 3 hours of classic metal with me, and you inside Hangar 19. Keep an eye on our Twitter feed to know when and where to hear the show.


In case you missed Black Sabbath’s town hall from Tuesday night here it is.