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katakysmDid that get your attention? This weekend Maurizio Iacono the lead singer for Canadian death metal band Kataklysm. Since 1991 this band has been winning over fans of heavy music all over the world. They aren’t your average death metal band, but don’t listen to me, listen to them. Start with Iron will their career retrospective celebrating their 20th anniversary. Then check out their latest album Waiting for the End to Come that came out in 2013. Of course do that after this weekend’s show.

Then we are going to go In The Vault with the one of the story of one of the greatest guitar riffs the world has ever knows. The Story of Deep Purple’s “Smoke on the Water”

far beyondThis week’s Power Set is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the first “extreme” metal record to debut at number one on the billboard charts. It’s Pantera’s Far Beyond Driven. The re-issue is now out and features the remastered full album and the live disc Far Beyond Bootleg – Live From Donington ’94. 

dh-extremeistThen our Then & Now comes from the Christian Metal Band Demon Hunter who just put out their 7th studio album Extremist. 

Finally this week’s Heavy Metal Soundtrack recommendation is a completion called Thor – Superhero Heavy Metal. Thor is the most heavy metal superhero after all.

This plus 3 hours of classic heavy metal on Hangar 19.



Metal Masters has been going for the last 5 years to kick off NAMM. It features a bunch of metal musicians getting together for not only a clinic but also the ultimate Heavy Metal Tribute concert. The Full stream from Gear Gods is available below.


  • Kerry King (SLAYER)
  • Charlie Benante (ANTHRAX)
  • Frank Bello (ANTHRAX)
  • Scott Ian (ANTHRAX)
  • David Ellefson (MEGADETH)
  • Billy Sheehan (MR. BIG)
  • Gary Holt (EXODUS, SLAYER)
  • Chris Broderick (MEGADETH)
  • Philip Anselmo (PANTERA, DOWN)
  • Chuck Billy (TESTAMENT)
  • Steve Vai

The following songs were performed:

  • “Wrathchild” (IRON MAIDEN)
  • “Killers” (IRON MAIDEN)
  • “God Of Thunder” (KISS)
  • “Sargent D And The S.O.D.” (STORMTROOPERS OF DEATH)
  • “Freddy Krueger” (STORMTROOPERS OF DEATH)
  • “Strength Beyond Strength” (PANTERA)
  • “I’m Broken” (PANTERA)
  • “Postmortem” (SLAYER)
  • “Raining Blood” (SLAYER)
  • “Mouth For War” (PANTERA)
  • “Mandatory Suicide” (SLAYER)
  • “Five Minutes Alone” (PANTERA)
  • “South Of Heaven” (SLAYER)
  • “Angel Of Death” (SLAYER)
  • “Fucking Hostile” (PANTERA)


2013 was an interesting year for metal. The year saw return to form releases from some of metal’s most legendary bands like Black Sabbath, Dream Theater and Saxon. We even had some great live albums out from Iron Maiden, Metallica and Testament. This week in the hangar we take a look back at what metal had to offer in 2013. The following are the Then and Now’s we will feature plus some words from the band’s themselves.

black-sabbath-13-1370285735Artist: Black Sabbath

New album: 13

Featured Song: God is Dead?



Skid-Row-UWRArtist: Skid Row

New E.P.: United World Rebellion

Featured Song: Let’s Go

Interview with guitarist Snake Sabo can be heard here


972144_574804719226438_648313249_n1-300x300Artist: Newsted (ex-Metallica, Ozzy, Voivod)

New Album: Heavy Metal Music

Featured Song: Soldierhead

Interview with just Jason Newsted / Interview with Jason and guitarist Mike Mushok


kdh-riseArtist: Rex Brown (ex-Pantera, Down) / Kill Devil Hill

New Album: Revolution Rise

Featured Song: Leave it All Behind

Interview with Rex Brown 


Motorhead-Aftershock1Artist: Motorhead

New album: Aftershock

Featured song: Heartbreaker



ministryfrombeertoeternitycoverArtist: Ministry

New album: From Beer to Eternity

Featured Song: Permawar

Interview with Al Jourgensen


Dream-Theater-2013-albumArtist: Dream Theater

New Album: Dream Theater

Featured Song: The Enemy Inside

Interview with guitarist John Petrucci


saxon-sacrificeArtist: Saxon

New Album: Sacrifice

Featured Song: Sacrifice

Interview with lead singer Biff Byford


st13cdArtist: Suicidal Tendencies

New Album: 13

Featured Song: Cyco Style



Queensryche-QueensrycheArtist: Queensryche

New Album: Queensryche

Featured Song: Redemption

Interview with drummer Scott Rockenfield


winterkillsArtist: Dez Fafara Coal Chamber / Devildriver

New Album from Devildriver: Winter Kills

Featured Song: The Appetite

Interview with lead singer Dez Fafara


Super_Collider_MegadethArtist: Megadeth

New album: Super Collider  

Featured Song: Kingmaker

Interview with lead singer Dave Mustaine



(Kill Devil Hill photo by Alex Solca)

The band Kill Devil Hill may be a new name to the heavy metal scene, with just their second album out Revolution Rise they are at the beginning of their career. A career that is shaping up to be a longer one than many of us might of expected. Kill Devil Hill although not a supergroup, at least not if you ask them, is made up of some names you’ve heard and chances are you grew up listening to. Bassist Rex Brown is the former bassist of Pantera, and drummer Vinny Appice is the Ronnie James Dio era of Black Sabbath drummer, plus played on all of the DIO records up until the mid nineties. The guitarist Mark Zavon and singer Dewey Bragg are a little lesser known but there is still a ton of experience between the two of them. Rex, Mark and Dewey join us in the Hangar this weekend to tell us all about this new(er) band.

A little know fact about Mark Zavon is that for just a moment he played in W.A.S.P. so this week we are going In The Vault with Blackie Lawless and original guitarist Chris Holmes as they explain why the wrote the song “Blind in Texas”

garagecdWe will celebrate the anniversary of Metallica’s double disc of covers album Garage Inc. on this week’s Power Set. We will crank Metallica covering Mercyful Fate, Misfits, and Diamond Head.

(Garage Inc artwork from Elektra records and metallica.com)

Then our Then & Now this week comes from the Ozzy era of Black Sabbath as they are set to tour more in North America and in honor have decided on a new single from their first Ozzy fronted album in 35 years 13.

Then this week’s Heavy Metal Soundtrack is from the comedic genius that is the autobiographical movie of Howard Stern, Private Parts.

This and another 3 hours of classic metal inside Hangar 19!


Let me start this by saying collectively the members of Kill Devil Hill come from bands that we as metal fans have been listening to since before we knew what head-banging and devil horns actually were. As bassist Rex Brown will explain in the Hangar this upcoming weekend don’t call Kill Devil Hill a supergroup though. These guys truly are a full fledged band with big plans for the future.


Kill Devil started in the mind of Vinny Appice the legendary drummer from Black Sabbath and DIO fame. Vinny was working with guitarist Mark Zavon who knew lead singer Dewey Bragg. The three of them then sent some demos to bassist Rex Brown who had been the long time bassist for Pantera and the some time bassist for Down. Rex recorded some bass lines and sent it back to the other three. The rest as the say is history since Kill Devil Hill has just released their second album Revolution Rise.

(side note: about a three weeks before this show I tore a tendon in my foot that took a piece of bone with it, so I wasn’t able to walk at this show.)

20131120_225254Being on crutches I knew it was going to be difficult but I was so jacked up for this show, and they didn’t disappoint. After a couple opening bands the stage was set and from the very first note you knew that this band is not a one trick pony. The band sounded tight when playing songs like “Leave it All Behind” and “Strange.”  Rex and Vinny looked they had been playing together for years. (There must be something with drummers named Vinny for Rex.) Both Dewey and Mark are tall guys and not as experienced on the stage and it showed. Mark’s playing was fantastic but at times he seemed out of place. Dewey’s vocals were spot on but a couple of times he mixed up the songs on the set list and just generally seemed awkward on stage. Now granted I’m being nitpicky but because over all they were great. There wasn’t a person in this little 400 person club that wasn’t impressed.

20131120_225300The highlight of the show had to come about midway through when Vinny Appice did his drum solo. The sound guy even turned to me and said “he’s doing this without double bass, that’s how it’s supposed to be done.”  Later in the set as maybe an ode to Vinny’s work with Black Sabbath they broke into the first part of “War Pigs” were Dewey basically just held the mic in front of the crowd and let them sing  it.

With two albums under their belt and some big time touring plans in 2014 Kill Devil Hill aren’t going anywhere. In fact you might want to go see them live now before it’s impossible to get tickets.

After the show I was able to hang with the band for a while  and they were some of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. Rex Brown has been on this show a couple of times before but he is one the most down to earth and humble human beings I have ever met. Those are the kind of people you want to support.

(note: all live pics taken by Cutter on his phone)