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unnamedYou know Scott Ian as that guy from Anthrax but Scott is also an actor, a television host, a comic book guru, and now an author. Scott has just released his book Scott Ian: The Story of That Guy from Anthrax. It’s a good read and not just for fans either. Scott stopped by for a quick conversation but all things Anthrax and his new book.


anthraxwmfrank2This was pretty cool because I just randomly had the chance to sit down and have a talk with the bassist of Anthrax Frank Bello. Listen I’ve been a huge fan of Anthrax since I first heard the album Among The Living so it was pretty cool to have a laid back conversation with Frank about the direction of the band, the past drama of line-up changes and the ups and downs of the music business and how it pertains to metal. We caught up just before they left for the Motorboat cruise and besides a few technical difficulties it was an honor and a pleasure to talk to Mr. Bello on the latest Hangar 19 Podcast edition.


slashWhat could I possibly say about Slash that hasn’t already been said. He’s a legend without a doubt. From his early days as the lead axeman in Guns N’ Roses to his own work in Slash’s Snakepit plus Velvet Revolver and his latest project with Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators. He’s not just metal, he’s the epitome of the guitar in hard rock. It’s Slash discussing all his latest happenings and some old stuff as well on the latest Hangar 19 Podcast edition.


He w10610674_467273366748849_5211889566923275352_nas the lead singer of one of the most influential “stoner” metal bands to ever exist. We’re talking about a band that is credited with starting an entire movement. It’s not often you can say that about a band. John Garcia is just a laid back fan of music and when he’s not moonlighting as a Vetenarian he is now fronting his own solo band. His self titled debut solo album is out now. It’s John Garcia on the latest Hangar 19 Podcast edition.


31After Max Cavalera’s final performance with Sepultura in December of 1996 the band started the search for a new singer and in 1998 came Cleveland, OH native Derrick Green. Derrick has been in the band ever since and joined us in the Hangar to discuss the process of him becoming the frontman of one of metal’s most legendary bands. Plus check out their latest album The Mediator Between Head and Hands Must Be the Heart.