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I Cutter confess that I did not make it to enough metal shows this year. As we enter December I’m going to fix that the best way I know how. I pulled out all of my live metal albums and we are going to have one gigantic concert inside the Hangar this weekend.


We will here live metal from Judas Priest (live from the US festival in ’83,) Metallica (from Mexico City in ’91,) Exodus (featuring original vocalist Paul Baloff,) Accept (from the Metal Heart tour,) Voivod (from their first live album,) Iron Maiden (from the Maiden England ’88 tour,) Nine Inch Nails (from this year’s Lollapalooza show in Chicago,) Pantera (from one of the best live albums of 90’s,) and more!

It’s 3 hours of live metal from the best bands and from some of their best shows for the ultimate metal concert this weekend inside Hangar 19.


Jason-NewstedThe Jason Newsted timeline. Flotsam and Jetsam: 1981 – 1986, Metallica: 1986 – 2001, Echobrain: 2000 – 2001, Voivod: 2001 – 2009, Ozzy Osbourne: 2002 – 2003, Newsted: 2010 – current.

Jason joined us inside the Hangar recently to talk about his history and what brought him to the point of starting his own project Newsted. Click play below or download for free our conversation with the one and only Jason Newsted.


Jason-Newsted Jason Newsted got his start in the band Flotsam and Jetsam in the early 80’s. The band saw a little success but after Metallica bassist Cliff Burton passed away, Jason ended up taking his place as Metallica became the biggest band in the world. After 15 years Jason quit in 2001. After that he played in and with many different bands including Voivod and Ozzy. After being out of the limelight for a few years he his back with his own band simply called Newsted, and he’s inside Hangar 19 this weekend to tell you all about it and play some tunes of course.

Speaking of Flotsam and Jetsam we are going In The Vault with them at the time of their first album ‘Doomsday for the Deceiver.’

sepulturaThis week’s Power Set is from Seputltura and will include a song that Jason guest on for their 1998 album Against. Which was the first album to feature Derrick Green on vocals and not Max Caverla. The other three songs will be from the Max days.

TheprideOur Then and Now comes from Zakk Wylde and JD of Black Label Society as they have joined forces with Kevin Martin from Candlebox and Morgan Rose from Sevendust to record a song for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. It’s for charity and you can purchase it here.

And we going comedy for this week’s Heavy Metal Movie and Soundtrack Recommendation. The soundtrack features metal and rock bands covering 80’s Pop songs and the movie is Not Another Teen Movie.

Once again join us for the 3 hours of classic metal plus the stuff we just listed, this weekend inside Hangar 19.


His name is Away and he is the drummer and one of the founding members of Voivod, one of the most influential metal bands ever. A band Jason Newsted calls the most talented band he has ever been around. Enjoy a conversation about old school metal with one of the originals.


Since the very early 80’s the band Voivod have been crafting their own brand of industrial influenced thrash metal. In 2005 their original guitarist Piggy, the guy who dictated their sound passed away. They finished the record they were working on and then reconvened a few years ago with their original bassist and a new guitarist. Their story is a long and historic one and this weekend founding member and drummer Away is here.

Our movie and soundtrack recommendation this week is special for Metallica fans. As it’s the first ever movie that they had licensed their old material for. It stars Rein Wilson in a dramatic roll and is a little disturbing…perfect.

We’ll lay down a Power Set from the newly released Gamma Ray live album called ‘Skeletons and Majesties Live’ It even features an updated Helloween song.


The we go In the Vault with Glen Danzig.

This week’s Then and Now comes form former Voivod and Metallica bassist Jason Newsted. With the newly released ‘Metal’ E.P. we’ll play something from his Metallica days and the song Soldierhead.

It’s 3 more hours of classic metal this weekend inside Hangar 19.