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roadrunnerRoadrunner records launched in the early 1980’s in Europe and has since gone on to be the most recognizable name of all the metal and hard rock record labels. This is the label that wasn’t afraid to bring us such bands as Obituary and Mercyful Fate, but also was smart enough to have consistently platinum selling acts as Slipknot and even (hate to say it) Nickelback. Say what you want but they’ve done it on their own terms and have stayed an independent record label in the process.

Three-Decades-of-Roadrunner-Records-1In honor of this they have put out the box set Thirty Years of Roadrunner Records. It has 4 discs all featuring a different time and musical genres of the label. This week inside the Hangar we will feature the first 3 discs throughout the 3 hours of the show, starting with Disc 1 Foundations. This hour will feature music from Mercyful Fate, King Diamond, Obituary, Annihilator, Cynic and Whiplash. Plus we’ll hear from these past guests of Hangar 19.

Oz-Evan-Seinfeld_lEvan Seinfeld of Biohazard: Although Evan quit Biohazard a few years ago and can now be seen as the frontman for the Sons of Anarchy house band Attika 7, Evan still has great things to say regarding his old band.

Photo8Sal Abruscato of Type O Negative/Life of Agony/A Pale Horse Named Death: Sal joined us inside the Hangar with the release of his second album from A Pale Horse Named Death a band that features the other former drummer of Type O Negative Johnny Kelly. Sal told us why he left Type O Negative and why the Life of Agony reunion in 2005 didn’t last.

5495944817_e070189878In hour number 2 we will be taking a look at the 2nd disc of the box set called Horns Up. With metal from Death, 36 Crazyfists, plus a Power Set featuring the four bands on Roadrunner Records fronted by Max Cavalera, Sepultura/Soulfly/Nailbomb/Cavalera Conspiracy and some words from the man himself. We will also hear from:


Burton+C+Bell+fear+factory+Burton_C_Bell12691Burton C. Bell the lead singer of Fear Factory who tells us a great story about how he met the band’s guitarist Dino Cazares.

Corey+Taylor+2778351601_0bdae692fb_oand Corey Taylor the lead singer of not just one hugely successful band, but two, Slipknot and Stone Sour who will tell us how all 8 personalities in Slipknot mix together to make up the heavy metal juggernaut.

Then the 3rd hour of Hangar 19 will take a look at some of the more modern metal and legendary bands that have joined the Roadrunner roster in the later part of their careers. The disc entitlted And Metal For All features music from Killswitch Engage, Heaven & Hell, Hatebreed, Trivium, plus:

john-petrucci-630-80John Petrucci the legendary guitarist of Dream Theater tells us what it’s been like since founding drummer Mike Portnoy has left the band.

DaveMustaineDave Mustaine of Megadeth relives injuring his neck to the point where he almost didn’t play the Big 4 show in New York

dez_fafara_by_moolver_sin-d3dqswiand Dez Fafara of Coal Chamber/Devildriver explains the process of disbanding Coal Chamber and forming Devildriver.

Thirty years of Roadrunner Records this week inside the heavy metal museum known as Hangar 19.

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